It’s Pie Back Time

It’s Pie Back Time

Since I’ve been translating some AKB48 group TV program, I thought it’s best if I randomly watch old episode of AKBINGO! and other TV programs to find inspiration about how some expression in Japanese translated into English but still feels natural to English speaker.

In this AKBINGO! #78, Matsui Jurina vs 10 Assassins. Both Matsui Rena and Matsui Jurina did some wordplay. Even Sata was impressed by Rena. The one I’m talking about here, is at the 5th round. It was Arm Wrestling battle. When Rena was asked by Sata about how Jurina will win that round, she replied with:

Jurina wa pai wa mupai desukedo, chikara wa ippai nanode
Speaking about Jurina and pie, she never got pie before, and because she has a lot of power (she’s gonna win)

and this is what Jurina replied with

shippai shimasen yo
I won’t fail, you know

I like how she responded quickly, apparently she really likes pun. If you never watched SKE48 no Ebi-Friday Night before, you should watch it and its other series. She made many puns there. I’m impressed.

Hearing this response, Sata asked Mariko in case she also had one. Apparently she did take time to think and nothing came into her mind. Not her fault though, fortunately, Sata came with a punchline “you don’t need to compete with them”. What a fun episode.


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